20th.-century Art Nouveau door
20th.-century walnut door
20th.-century red larch-wood door
20th.-century walnut door
18th.-century centered walnut door, its lacquers and gildings severely damaged
20th.-century lacquered door with decorated panels and leaded glass
Portone in noce '700
Portone in noce '800
Portone in rovere '800


We dedicate the same care with which we treat ancient furniture to restoring and maintaining both old and antique doors and country-house doors.

The history of  doorways is almost as old as that of mankind and civilization.

First wooden barrier, entirely hand-crafted, put in its place to defend the Palazzo, every doorway belongs to a precise artistic style, period and life-style, coming down to the present after a strenuous struggle against time, weather and, in modern times, air-pollution as well.

Every single doorway, consumed, worn and weathered  by water and time, has its own story to tell.

Walking the streets of Turin can almost be like visiting an enormous open air museum, the city offering such a rich variety of monumental doorways, be they Baroque, Neoclassic, Roccoco or Art Nouveau.

Working on doors from quite different periods and styles, we have constantly researched and refined our restoring techniques.

We lend particular attention to the maintenance of accessory pieces, such as wooden and iron nails and bolts, hinges and hooks, handles crafted in wood, iron or brass and, last but not least, various types of locks.

Experience tells us that all this can be restored and brought back to life, thus renewing its original function and ancient beauty.