Detail of  19th.-century holy water font in carved wood, gilded with 18 carat gold leaf
Late lacquered Trumeau decorated with silver gilt frame
19th.century gilt frame with multiple-order relief
Detail of restoration work – reconstructing and inserting lost parts
19th.-century gilt frame with multiple-order relief
19th.-century gilt frame with multiple-order relief
Middle harp with gilt plastered decorations


Gold leaf decorations, being extremely delicate and particularly fragile, often require cleansing and minute workmanship when being restored.

Frames and mirrors, whether sculpted or plastered, chandeliers and sculptures will thus reacquire their original golden splendor.

We offer and execute any original mechanical and chemical gilding technique both in gold and silver.
The clearing and restoring of pieces of lacquered furniture often reveals their original decorations, executed in delicate tempera colors at the time, and rendered unique by their age.

The reprisal of painted period decorations, lacquers and gildings is just one other part of our work, performed either in situ or in our Torino workshop.