Waxed middle 19th.-century solid walnut country chest of drawers
20th.-century walnut writing desk, French polishing
Waxed early 19th.-century two-piece poplar wood closet
19th.-century chalice-shaped solid walnut Commode, French polishing
Late 18th.-century two-piece walnut and precious woods plated  glass book-case, French polishing
Waxed 18th.-century one-piece walnut closet with paneled doors solid walnut chest of drawers with precious wood inlays, French polishing
Neoclassic 18h.-century solid walnut chest of drawers, plated and inlaid with walnut, boxwood and other precious woods, French polishing
Waxed 19th.-century country dresser in soft wood
Middle 19th.-century walnut sofa, French polishing
Middle mahogany rolltop desk, French polishing
Middle walnut chair with three-piece back, French polishing
Waxed 20th.-century wooden oil painted apothecary drawers
Tavolo da cucito con piano intarsiato '900 particolare
Comò lastronato in legno di noce con filetti in ottone '800
Credenza in legno di noce primi '800
Credenza intarsiata 900'
Piccolo comò 3 cassetti policromo lastronato in legno di noce ed essenze pregiate stile '700 finitura stoppino
Tavolino orientale scolpito
Tavolino sorrentino filettato ed intarsiato con essenze varie '800
Tavolo cucito con piano radica '800
Tavolo da cucito con piano intarsiato '900
Statua africana


Detail of  19th.-century holy water font in carved wood, gilded with 18 carat gold leaf
Late lacquered Trumeau decorated with silver gilt frame
19th.century gilt frame with multiple-order relief
Detail of restoration work – reconstructing and inserting lost parts
19th.-century gilt frame with multiple-order relief
19th.-century gilt frame with multiple-order relief
Middle harp with gilt plastered decorations


18th.-century wooden ceiling
11th.-century polychrome painted wooden ceiling
Detail of beams in 11th.-century painted polychrome wooden ceiling
18th.-century wooden ceiling


20th.-century Art Nouveau door
20th.-century walnut door
20th.-century red larch-wood door
20th.-century walnut door
18th.-century centered walnut door, its lacquers and gildings severely damaged
20th.-century lacquered door with decorated panels and leaded glass
Portone in noce '700
Portone in noce '800
Portone in rovere '800